Healthcare Bluebook

An easy-to-use, searchable database helping you to find fair prices for care if you are enrolled in a BCBSTX Medical Plan.

Healthcare Bluebook is available to employees and their covered dependents enrolled in a BCBSTX Medical Plan.

Most of us have no idea if the prices doctors, dentists and other health care providers offer are fair or not. When prices for the same in-network procedure can vary by over 500%, chances are you’re paying more than you have to. Healthcare Bluebook is an online tool to research the cost and quality of health care services – so you can search for the care you need at the right price. 

The power behind Healthcare Bluebook is an easy to use searchable database giving you the Fair Price – the amount a patient should reasonably expect to pay. The Fair Price is determined based on the range of prices from the providers and facilities in your area.

Using Healthcare Bluebook saves you hundreds of dollars and rewards you when you shop smart for health care. The Go Green to Get Green rewards program sends you a check for $25, $50, or $100 if you choose a “green” provider for certain medical procedures, like MRIs. A “green” provider charges the fair price or less. You, and your covered spouse/partner and dependents, are eligible to be rewarded. When you search for an eligible procedure on the Healthcare Bluebook app, or at, a tile will display on the results page, letting you know the service is eligible for a reward. The next time you need a procedure, check Healthcare Bluebook first and you could earn some green! Before seeking care, always confirm that providers are in-network.

Healthcare Bluebook is not available to employees enrolled in a Kaiser medical plan.

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Healthcare Bluebook

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