Short-term and Long-term Disability

Short- & Long-term disability for BMC employees.

BMC’s sick time and disability programs work together to help pay your household expenses if you become disabled and cannot work. BMC pays 100% of the cost of this coverage, and enrollment is automatic.

The chart shown below illustrates your benefits under our sick time and disability programs.

You must apply and be approved for Short-Term Disability (STD) benefits before or immediately after you are absent for illness. You can even start your claim in advance of your estimated leave date if you are scheduled for surgery or childbirth.

Your STD benefits will be paid to you directly from Lincoln, BMC’s administrator and payment agent for STD. All statutory withholdings will be deducted, and benefits may be offset by any statutory sickness or disability benefits payable to you. During your illness absence, you will be billed directly for your portion of benefits contributions by BMC’s benefits administrator, Alight.

You can apply for STD benefits online at (Claimant ID # BMC2008) or by calling 1-888-408-7300. Lincoln is also our FMLA administrator, so you can also file your FMLA claim (if you are eligible) at the same time you apply for your disability benefits. Formore information, please see the US STD policy page on

In order to be approved for Long-Term Disability (LTD) benefits, you must be permanently and totally disabled and unable to perform your own occupation for the first two years of disability. After two years, the definition of disability changes and you must be unable to hold any job that is reasonably appropriate given your education level, training, or experience. LTD benefits continue until you are no longer disabled, the date you turn 65, or until your death. If you are approved for LTD benefits, you will no longer be covered under the BMC benefit plans; however you will be eligible for COBRA continuation benefits for medical, dental, vision and health care FSA coverage.

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Short-term and Long-term Disability Details