Identity Theft Protection

Affordable peace-of-mind credit monitoring and identity theft protection

BMC has partnered with Allstate Identity Protection to help provide affordable peace-of-mind credit monitoring and identity theft protection and assistance for U.S. employees.

Millions of Americans are victims of identity fraud each year. Thieves can use your name or Social Security number to get a new credit card, change your bank account password, or even wire money. Allstate Identity Protection is an industry-leading identity and monitoring service that quickly alerts you to suspicious activity before any major damages have been done.

Features of the comprehensive identity protection plan include:

Identity and Credit Monitoring. Enjoy peace of mind with proactive monitoring for the most damaging types of fraud. Uncover and resolve issues early to help minimize damages. Your credit is monitored through TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian.

Credit Scores and Reports. Stay informed and protect your financial assets by detecting credit misuse quickly. Access a monthly credit score and a credit report each year from TransUnion.

Threshold Monitoring. Gain control of your finances as you set limits on and manage all transactions, from all your accounts in one place.

Financial Transaction Monitoring. Stay ahead of fraud with alerts that are triggered from additional data sources on credit, debit and checking accounts.

Social Media Reputation Monitoring. Actionable alerts help defend you and your family from reputational damage or cyberbullying. Allstate monitors Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram profiles.

Wallet Protection. Minimize stress and potential damages. Allstate can easily replace the contents of a lost or stolen wallet through an online, secure vault that conveniently stores important documents.

Digital Exposure Report. Take control of your privacy. Allstate’s deep internet search creates a snapshot of your exposed information online.

Privacy Advocate® Remediation. Experts help guide you through the identity restoration process and fight back against identity thieves.

$1,000,000 Identity Theft Insurance Policy. If you are a victim of fraud, Allstate will reimburse your out of pocket costs to reinforce your financial security. 

After You Enroll

After you enroll for this coverage, log in to to activate the plan’s features and store sensitive information in Allstate's secure vault. If you enrolled in family coverage, add information about family members.

Continuing Coverage When You Leave BMC

When your BMC employment ends, you can continue or “port” this coverage to an individual policy directly through Allstate. By continuing your coverage, you benefit from group rates, which are generally lower than those for individual policies. You have 90 days from your last day of employment to contact Allstate to arrange coverage. If you have questions about continuing your ID Theft policy, contact Allstate at 1-800-789-2720.

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