Tuition Reimbursement Program

Receive $5,500 per calendar year for college-level studies!


The BMC Tuition Reimbursement Program offers up to $5,500 per calendar year for college-level studies (undergraduate and graduate) to active, full-time employees. The first $5,250 in expenses is reimbursed tax-free; the remaining $250 in expenses is taxable income. Eligible expenses include tuition, textbooks and all laboratory and computer fees.

How the Program Works

1. Before you register for courses, discuss the relevance of the course with your manager and complete the pre-approval process on the Your Spending Account (YSA) website. YSA will generate a pre-approval form that your immediate manager must sign and you must submit before you start your course(s). Your manager and director will consider courses for reimbursement if the course:

  • Relates to your present job;
  • Prepares you for additional responsibility, or
  • Relates to a potential future assignment within BMC.

2. To receive 100% reimbursement, you must successfully complete the course with a passing grade of “C” or above (“B” in the case of some graduate schools).

3. Once you complete the course, visit YSA and submit a tuition reimbursement request. Attach a copy of your grade report for the course and receipt of payment to your form. You have 90 days after completing your course to submit your documentation to YSA.

The Tuition Reimbursement Program doesn’t cover expenses for professional development, certificate courses or seminars. Submit an expense report to receive reimbursement for non-college course fees.

To complete the pre-approval process, go to the MyBMC Rewards website and select the Your Spending Account tile. For more information, see the step-by-step guide to requesting tuition reimbursement.

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