Covering routine eye exams, prescription eyeglasses and contact lenses


If you or anyone in your family wears contacts or glasses, the BMC vision care plan, administered by VSP (Vision Service Plan), can help you bring things into focus. Under the plan, you can visit any provider. You’ll receive the greatest benefit and convenience by using participating VSP providers—and never have to file a claim.

You pay for the cost of your vision coverage through before-tax payroll deductions. To find the VSP doctor closest to you or to check if a doctor is a VSP provider, contact VSP at 1-800-877-7195 or go online to

Using a Participating VSP Doctor

VSP does not require identification cards to obtain services. If you choose a participating doctor, you pay only a $15 copayment for examinations and a $15 copayment for lenses and frames (special frames or tinted lenses will cost more). Based on a limited fee schedule, VSP will reimburse you for examinations and lenses once every 12 months and for frames once every 24 months.

No claim form is needed. When you call to make an appointment for yourself or your covered dependents, identify yourself as a VSP member and as an employee of BMC Software; then provide your Social Security number. The VSP doctor will obtain the necessary authorization and information about your eligibility and coverage.

Using a Nonparticipating Doctor

If you choose to use a nonparticipating doctor, VSP will reimburse you based on a limited fee schedule described above. When submitting a claim to VSP from a nonparticipating doctor, use the BMC out-of-network VSP claim form and file your claim within six months of the date of service. Claim forms are available at

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Employee + Spouse/Domestic Partner
Employee + Child(ren)
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Vision Service Plan (VSP)