Dental PPO Plan


BMC offers Delta Dental benefits to help you and your family pay for quality dental care. The dental plan covers preventive, diagnostic, basic, and major services, as well as orthodontia, for you and your covered dependents. The dental plan is the Delta Dental PPO plus Premier — with two network choices that have different levels of savings:

  • Delta Dental Premier® which is larger and offers a general level of fee reductions;
  • Delta Dental PPO which is more select and offers deeper fee reductions.

With Delta Dental, you can use any licensed dentist, but you’ll usually save money by going to a participating dentist in one of the networks (Premier or PPO) because you’ll get the reduced rate. Dentists who do not participate with Delta Dental may charge you the difference between the charged fee and the fee allowed by Delta Dental, and you may be asked to pay for your services up front and submit a claim to Delta Dental to be reimbursed.

Orthodontia Benefits The BMC Dental PPO plan also provides orthodontia coverage for you and your eligible dependents. The plan reimburses 50% of usual and customary expenses up to a lifetime maximum of $2,500 for each covered person. To understand your share of the cost of major dental treatments, including orthodontia, ask your dentist for a pre-treatment estimate from Delta Dental before you have the dental work done. Learn more about Delta Dental Orthodontia benefits.

Delta Dental does not provide dental ID cards, and you do not need one to receive care. You can provide your Social Security number at your dental appointment or download a card at

For a list of network dentists, call the Delta Dental toll-free number, 1-800-521-2651, or check the Delta Dental website: Click here for instructions on how to search for a provider. Please register on the website for the most accurate provider search results. Nearly three out of every four dentists in the country participate in one or both networks, so chances are your dentist is a participating provider.

Employee Only
Employee + Family

Dental PPO Plan Details

Covers diagnostic, preventive care, restorative services, major procedures and orthodontia.