Kaiser HMO Plan

California only! Higher paycheck costs in exchange for lower out-of-pocket costs.

Available only in California, the Kaiser HMO is a managed care medical plan that provides medical and prescription drug benefits only when you receive care within the HMO network and when the care is coordinated by your primary care physician.

Employee Only
Employee + Spouse/Domestic Partner
Employee + Child(ren)
Employee + Family

Kaiser HMO Plan Details

(1) Review your medical plan details on the MyBMC Rewards website and select the Plan Documents tile.

(2) Your newborn is automatically covered under the plan for the first 31 days after the date of birth. If you wish to continue coverage for the newborn beyond that date, you must add the child to your medical coverage through the MyBMC Rewards website (select the Life Changes tab) within 31 days after the newborn’s date of birth.

(3) Care outside of a Kaiser facility is limited to emergency care only.