Supplemental Life Insurance

Additional insurance for yourself, your spouse and/or your child(ren).

Depending on your individual needs, you can purchase additional life insurance for yourself and your family. The amounts of coverage you can purchase are listed below:


One to five times your annual base salary (combined maximum with basic life insurance is lesser of seven times base salary or $2 million).

Spouse/Domestic Partner

You can purchase life insurance for your spouse/domestic partner in $25,000 increments—up to the lesser of your total life insurance amount or $250,000. If you do not purchase supplemental employee life insurance, you can still purchase spouse/domestic partner life insurance.


You can purchase life insurance for your eligible children in the amount of $5,000, $10,000 or $15,000. Please note: Coverage amount for live birth to less than six months of age is $1,000.

* If you purchase life insurance for your children, the coverage amount you select will apply to each of your eligible children. For example, if you have a son and a daughter and select $10,000 as your dependent life insurance amount, both of your children will have dependent life insurance in the amount of $10,000.

Coverage Costs

You pay the entire cost of your supplemental and dependent life coverage with after-tax dollars deducted from your pay each month. The price for coverage is based on your age as of January 1 of the current plan year and increases as you age and move through five-year age bands. For example, if you (or your spouse) are in age band 40 to 44 and you turn age 45, you’ll move to the 45 to 49 band and pay more for coverage. 

Evidence of Insurability 

The amount of supplemental employee and spouse life insurance coverage elected determines whether you and your spouse/domestic partner are required to show evidence of insurability (EOI).

Evidence of Insurability is Required:

  • At employment if coverage amounts elected are greater than $500,000 when combined with the basic life insurance amount (employee) or greater than $25,000 (spouse), or
  • At Annual Enrollment if coverage amounts elected are more than one coverage level higher than your current coverage amount.

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Employee Only
Employee + Spouse/Domestic Partner
Employee + Child(ren)
Employee + Family

Supplemental Life Insurance Details