Who's Eligible?

Eligibility Requirements

You are eligible to participate in all BMC benefits if you’re an active employee scheduled to work at least 20 hours a week. All of your benefits begin on your first day of employment. You receive full medical benefits with no waiting periods and no pre-existing health condition exclusions.

Your dependents may also be enrolled in BMC benefits if they meet eligibility requirements. Eligible dependents include your:

  • Lawful spouse (including common-law, same-sex spouse or civil union partnership under state law)
  • Same- or opposite-gender domestic partner with whom you have filed a registered domestic partnership registration in your state or with whom you are in a long-term relationship (at least twelve months)
  • Children under the age of 26 regardless of whether they are married (medical, dental, vision, and supplemental life insurance) or a full-time student, including natural or legally adopted children, foster children, step-children, or children in your court-ordered custody or for whom you are the legal guardian
  • Unmarried disabled children of any age who depend on you for support

Dependent Verification

Verification is required any time you add a dependent to coverage in a medical plan. If you enroll a dependent for coverage, you will be required to verify your dependents’ eligibility by providing a copy of a valid marriage certificate, domestic partner registration or birth certificate.

After you enroll, you will receive instructions in your mail for providing these documents. Documents must be completed and returned to continue coverage. If you do not complete and return the requested documents, your dependents will be ineligible for coverage and dropped from BMC benefits.

New Hires

If you don’t enroll yourself or your eligible dependents within 31 days of your hire date, you are automatically covered by these BMC benefits:

  • Basic Life Insurance
  • Short-Term Disability
  • Basic Long-Term Disability
  • Business Travel Accident
  • Employee Assistance Program