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This information is only a summary. The provisions of the benefit plan documents, the current BMC Software, Inc. (the Company) policies, and the insurance policies as applicable will determine your actual benefits. If there is a conflict between this guide and the plan/company policies or documents, the plan/Company policies or documents will govern. The Plan Administrator has the final discretionary authority to determine all issues arising under the benefit plans it administers, including issues of interpretation, eligibility, benefits and factual determination. If there is a conflict between this guide and a determination or interpretation made by the Plan Administrator, the interpretation adopted by the Plan Administrator will govern.

The discussion in this summary constitutes a projection of future benefit outcomes that may be available under the applicable benefit plans. The discussion is not a guarantee or warranty that such outcomes will in fact occur. The Company reserves the right to amend, modify or terminate its health and retirement plans at any time. Such changes may include reduction or elimination of benefits. However, no change will result in the elimination or reduction of legally vested benefits in a retirement plan. The Company’s sponsorship of active health and welfare plans and retirement plans shall not in any way constitute or be construed as a guarantee or promise of continued employment.

Your receipt of compensation and certain benefits from the Company may be subject to income taxes by the federal government and certain states and/or municipalities that have an income tax. From time to time, the Company may provide you with tax-related information pertaining to its compensation and benefits programs. Taxation of income is complex and is subject to many different variables and individual circumstances. As a result, the Company cannot and does not provide any tax advice to its current or former employees. Any tax-related information that might be provided to you is solely for informational purposes. You should not rely upon any such communications in tax planning or in making any tax-related decisions. You are solely responsible for complying with your federal income tax obligations (and state and/or local income tax obligations if applicable). If you have any tax questions or concerns, you should retain a competent and qualified tax advisor to advise and assist you in complying with your tax obligations.